Repair Joint Product Familiarisation Courses

The assembly of repair joints is a complex, multi-disciplinary task, and regardless of how much previous experience a technician may have, installation of the product for the first time based solely on written instructions will be more time consuming than if the technician has previous experience in the assembly techniques involved.

To address this and so maximise offshore installation efficiency Power CSL offers product familiarisation courses to power jointers and optical fibre technicians. The courses are open to suitably qualified Client or third party technicians, and provide a safe and open environment for personnel to gain hands on experience in the installation of PCSL products.

Power CSL is keen to encourage and support a growing pool of offshore technicians familiar with its repair joint product range as this ensures :-

  • A wider pool of offshore technicians for OWF developers/operators to draw upon in the event of a cable repair being required.
  • Well informed installation technicians who are not ‘learning on the job’, improving build consistency and quality.
  • Technicians operating efficiently in the critical offshore window and ensuring minimised repair joint installation time.

The product familiarisation courses are delivered at Power CSL’s Kent base and run over 5 to 8 days (depending upon voltage level) and are comprised of :-

  • Desktop review of repair joint design principles and installation instruction
  • Installation of a complete repair joint into selected cable sample (both power and optical fibre elements)
  • Interface with cable protection elements to either side of repair joint
  • Post build review and Q&A session
  • The phase joints installed during the course are subsequently extracted from the repair joint and subjected to HV withstand and partial discharge testing to confirm build quality
  • Subject to satisfactory completion and joint testing the technician is issued with a certificate of course completion.

Courses are currently offered for :-

  • 36kV array cable repair joint
  • 72.5kV array cable repair joint
  • 170kV export cable repair joint
  • 245kV export cable repair joint

Courses can be tailored to individual client or project requirements.

Products & Services

Power CSL provides a complete range of subsea cable and umbilical products and services – from factory jointing (splicing) of medium and high voltage power cores to thoroughly engineered and tested cable accessories including offshore repair joints.


Power CSL’s facilities at its headquarters in Kent, UK, includes impressively equipped cable jointing workshops, a dedicated high voltage laboratory and a wide range of analytical, mechanical, and hyperbaric test capabilities.