HV Array Cable Repair Joint

High Voltage OWF Array Cable Repair Joints (to 72.5kV)

For the offshore repair of next generation high voltage OWF array cables (to 72.5kV) damaged during installation or operation Power CSL offers its robust and reliable repair joint product.


The joint which has been designed for rapid offshore installation utilises cold-shrink insulation reinstatement technology and has been subject to rigorous testing to IEC 60840 and IEC 63026 specifications, and CIGRE 490 and TB623 recommendations (mechanical / electrical / hyperbaric RWP).

The design is modular in nature allowing jointing of different cable designs and sizes. A single design of joint can be supplied with conversion kits allowing one joint to be used on all sizes of array cable within a wind farm.

From an Operations & Maintenance perspective one range taking repair joint can be configured to connect all cables across an operator’s entire fleet of OWFs, thereby allowing a centralised pool of repair joints. PCSL has supplied such range taking joints to operators of the majority of OWFs in UK / European waters.

PCSL offer product familiarisation courses for its HV array cable repair joint to suitably experienced technicians. This approach facilitates a wider pool of available offshore technicians.

Repair Joint Product Familiarisation


The joint utilises high tensile strength compression conductor connections. The insulation system is comprised of a one piece cold-shrink moulding with integrated stress control elements, developed by 3M, and selected and refined by PCSL for subsea applications following close technical collaboration.  All joint bodies are electrically tested (HV & PD) as a standard routine QC measure. The combination of 100% electrical test, single piece construction, and cold-shrink application technique removes the potential for installer error that may arise from multi-component tube or tape based insulation reinstatement systems. Metallic core screen connections across the phase joints are configurable to accommodate all common cable designs.

The joint includes a stainless steel optical fibre splice enclosure(s) which incorporates highly adaptable bonding/earthing connection arrangements in order to accommodate different OF cable designs such as copper tube, stainless steel tube, Al armoured etc.

All internal components are housed within a marine grade resin filled, corrosion resistant, overall steel casing fitted with anodes. The product utilises high tensile strength armour terminations.

The repair joint can be supplied with bend stiffeners or bend restrictors to suit installation requirements.

Key features of the Power CSL medium voltage OWF array cable repair joint design :

  • Voltage 72.5kV
  • Type tested to relevant IEC standards and CIGRE recommendations
  • 240mm2 to 1600mm2 conductor size range in copper or aluminium (conductor sizes <240mm2 may be possible subject to cable design)
  • Range taking 240 mm2 to 800mm2 & 800mm2 to 1600mm2
  • Accommodates XLPE or EPR based cable insulation systems
  • Accommodates all metallic screen options (eg) copper wire screen & copper tape screen with or without aluminium laminate layer, welded aluminium tube, extruded lead screen.
  • Suitable for wet, semi-dry or dry cable designs.
  • Accommodates all optical fibre cable design types including appropriate electrical bonding / earthing connections
  • Highly effective seals and resin protect against radial or longitudinal ingress of water into the repair joint (200 metre water depth)
  • Joint casing coated to Norsok standard and incorporates cathodic protection elements
  • Bend stiffeners and bend restrictor options
  • Rapid install typically 36 hours
  • Joint kit provided with assembly frame
  • No special assembly tools required

HV Product Datasheet – Download

Repair Joint Reference List – Download

Products & Services

Power CSL provides a complete range of subsea cable and umbilical products and services – from factory jointing (splicing) of medium and high voltage power cores to thoroughly engineered and tested cable accessories including offshore repair joints.


Power CSL’s facilities at its headquarters in Kent, UK, includes impressively equipped cable jointing workshops, a dedicated high voltage laboratory and a wide range of analytical, mechanical, and hyperbaric test capabilities.