CAD/Analysis Capabilities

Power CSL operate Autodesk Inventor CAD software allowing detailed 3D design and modelling of product assemblies down to component level.

Our skilled design engineers are familiar with various mathematical modelling techniques utilising COMSOL software. Throughout the design cycle products are subject to a wide range of analysis including :-

  • Mechanical property FEA modelling
  • Thermal modelling by calculation and FEA
  • Electrical stress plotting using FEA
  • Corrosion modelling and design life calculation

This rigorous design methodology ensures all Power CSL products operate to specified standards throughout their service life.

Products & Services

Power CSL provides a complete range of subsea cable and umbilical products and services – from factory jointing (splicing) of medium and high voltage power cores to thoroughly engineered and tested cable accessories including offshore repair joints.


Power CSL’s facilities at its headquarters in Kent, UK, includes impressively equipped cable jointing workshops, a dedicated high voltage laboratory and a wide range of analytical, mechanical, and hyperbaric test capabilities.