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MV Subsea Cable Repair Joint

For the offshore repair of medium voltage subsea cables Power CSL offers its robust and reliable repair joint product. Subsea power cables can be configured in many ways; they will include the MV power cores, with options on armouring, fibre optic packages and sometimes LV control cores.

As each cable is unique the repair joint will be specifically tailored to accommodate the cable configuration. The product can be designed to joint cables of differing conductor size and from different manufacturers.

Applications for Power CSL medium voltage repair joint includes

  • Repair of offshore windfarm medium voltage array cables (to 36kV)
  • Repair of offshore oil platform interconnections (to 36kV)
  • Repair of medium voltage island link cables (to 36kV)

Power CSL offers trained offshore certified technicians for installation of the joint, or alternatively a training service for Client’s technicians.

Key features of the Power CSL medium voltage subsea cable joint :

  • High tensile strength conductor jointing
  • Well proven tape based insulation reinstatement
  • Highly effective seals protecting against radial or longitudinal ingress of water into the repair joint
  • Incorporates optical fibre splice enclosure
  • Joint casing incorporates cathodic protection
  • Rapid installation
  • No special tools required
  • Minimum design life 25 years

Download medium voltage repair joint datasheet
Download Repair joint reference list

Products & Services

Power CSL provides a complete range of subsea cable and umbilical products and services – from factory jointing (splicing) of medium and high voltage power cores to thoroughly engineered and tested cable accessories including offshore repair joints.


Power CSL’s facilities at its headquarters in Kent, UK, includes impressively equipped cable jointing workshops, a dedicated high voltage laboratory and a wide range of analytical, mechanical, and hyperbaric test capabilities.