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Offshore Services – West Africa

Power CSL Scope

Design and supply of medium voltage field splices for incorporation in a planned umbilical subsea joint. Provision of offshore technicians for installation of field splices, installation of fibre optic joint and post hang off electrical and optical testing of umbilical.


Custom designed MV field splices were required for subsea umbilicals connecting 3 wellhead towers to an FPSO off the Gabbon coast. In addition a range of optical fibre and testing work needed performing offshore.
Power CSL work closely with the Client and umbilical manufacturer to design the jointing system to allow power core and optical fibre jointing/splicing to be carried out simultaneously in order to minimise installation time during a complex offshore works programme.

Power CSL Deliverables

Supply of MV umbilical field splice system
Supply of HV electrical and optical test equipment on a hire basis
Supply of PCSL offshore technicians for power jointing, optical splicing and testing scope of work.


Products and personnel were supplied in line with the Client requirements with work completed ahead of schedule.

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Products & Services

Power CSL provides a complete range of subsea cable and umbilical products and services – from factory jointing (splicing) of medium and high voltage power cores to thoroughly engineered and tested cable accessories including offshore repair joints.


Power CSL’s facilities at its headquarters in Kent, UK, includes impressively equipped cable jointing workshops, a dedicated high voltage laboratory and a wide range of analytical, mechanical, and hyperbaric test capabilities.